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Can I use another merchant account with Membership Salons POS?

YES, you can use any merchant account. However, having fully integrated merchant accounts with MEMBERSHIP SALONS is the best way to optimize your salon's profit where you can collect deposits for online booking, save card on file, sell products online, sell gift cards and create MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM for Loyal customers.

Can your merchant match the rate I currently have?

MEMBERSHIP SALONS use Interchange Plus Rate which will give you a direct rate from the supplier. Hence, you do not always have to pay a high flat rate for all transactions.

Can I transfer data from other system to Membership Salons?

YES, we can help you transfer all data: Client list, Service List, Staff List, Appointment List, Loyalty Point, Gift Card from any other system to Membership Salons.

Is there any setup Fee if I transfer to Membership Salons?

NO, there is NO setup FEE for Membership Salons system.

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